Mark Wong

Being a polymath allows me to think deeply on how technology can impact a physical space

Example of a good day:

  • Wake up
    • Cut, drill and tap threads into some metal blocks
    • Listen to podcasts and audiobooks
  • Shower and Lunch
    • Solder parts onto an electronics board
    • Code in C to control these electronics
  • Dinner at Restaurant
    • Sketch new designs while waiting for dinner
    • Code in C# to create a nice tablet user interface
    • Photoshop graphics for the user interface
  • Break
    • Code in Python to store new data in cloud
    • Drink some tea while working
  • Sleep

I am well suited for this venture because I am extremely flexible.

Seven years professional experience building kiosks, Xbox 360 and PS3 games does help too.

Here is my portfolio.